How do we describe who we are and what are we trying to accomplish to our customers in such a way as to entice them to utilize our services? Over the course of the past three years, we asked ourselves this question, many times. It seems like we always start off by describing:

“We are a small Construction and Facilities management consulting organization that caters to a select group of customers. We desire to focus our efforts and experience on providing our partnering customers with a service that exceeds all expectations.”

To date, we have successfully done exactly what we said we would do: cater to our customers while providing a service that exceeds their expectations.

But starting with that type of introduction seems frankly a little restrictive and vague.

Who are we?

Our organization was created in 2005 to be an outlet for the eager, creative energy of our two founding partners. We specialize in a variety of services due to our unique and diverse backgrounds.

One of our founding partners is an industrial, institutional and commercial roofing expert, with over 35 years in the Facilities & Construction Industry.
The other founding partner is an Architectural Engineer with 29 years in the Construction, Design & Facilities Industries.

Our employees are construction, facilities and design management experts with additional specialties in Organizational Re-engineering, Mold Remediation, LEED Services, Energy Management and Playground Inspection certification. The affiliate base we partner with have expertise in Real Estate Development, Procurement & Logistics, Transportation and Information Technologies Support Services.
Where do we conduct business?

The corporate headquarters for ARIETE International, inc is located in Atlanta, Georgia with a regional office in Orlando, Florida. We provide services both domestically and internationally. Our international focus most recently has been in Europe, Asia and Central & South America.