As we problem solve, there are situations where we find ourselves expanding the base of services to include the “whatever is needed” scope of services. This is always a tricky area both for the service provider and the customer.

We choose to pursue the following path:
We desire to be a long term partner to our customers; therefore, we maintain a vigilant eye on the agreed upon project budget and schedule; and consistently report progress against plan.
Our engagement with our customers prior to and during the problem solving stage allows us to better serve them when they need to enlist our service expertise for deliverables.
If the extra services add value to the client and contribute positively to the end result, we are quite capable of sourcing and managing these services for our customers; if they do not add value or our participation becomes cost prohibitive, we are very comfortable sourcing solution providers and turning them over to our customers for their own internal management. Either way, the end goal is to provide the best program, project or solution to our customers.

As the quote goes, “anything worth doing is worth doing well”; we agree and our actions demonstrate our commitment to that philosophy. If we are to provide our customers with a service that we can be proud of, it requires that we have a thorough understanding and in-depth knowledge of the customer. Therefore, we attempt to be side-by-side with our customers as they conduct their day-to-day operations; to assist them as required and to learn the intricacies and depth of the challenges that are present as part of their daily business.

It is our opinion that we must always be frank regarding what we are capable of doing and what would be best done by others. We truly believe that we will distinguish ourselves from the rest of the industry through our style of direct, honest and passionate communication and productivity.