Our team provides a variety of management services to our clients. One specialized area of management that differentiates us from other organizations is our talent for Program Management. We define program management as the process of developing, planning, structuring and implementing multiple inter-dependent projects. Current clients engage our services for multi-unit remodel programs, facilitation of corrective action programs, and development of corporate procedures to internally audit facilities.

We utilize a simple and yet effective procedural outline for all new programs:

  I. Phase One – Goal Setting
      II. Phase Two – Data Acquisition
          III. Phase Three – Analysis & Planning
              IV. Phase Four – Objectives Review
                  V. Phase Five – Scheduling
                      VI. Phase Six – Communication Plan
                          VII. Phase Seven – Implementation
                              VIII. Phase Eight – Transition
                                  IX. Phase Nine – Post Review

Success is found through satisfied clients with clear goals and objectives and ultimately projects that meet or exceed expectations. ARIETE consistently delivers on all of these points for our clients. In 2008 we successfully managed a capital remodel program, which included remodeling 110 units in 29 weeks. One of the key points to note with this program is that the units remained open for business during the remodel. This program successfully demolished and rebuilt the entire front of house including restrooms in less than seven (7) days from start to finish.

We take great pride in the style and manner that we service our clients. When our team engages on a program, everyone on the team and everyone involved in the program understand the program goals and objectives. Communication is the key to any successful program. By multiplying the participants involved in each project by the number of projects in the program, the need for clear, concise and consistent communication magnifies. Our approach to control the program variables is to strategize, develop and socialize a written communication plan to the program participants.

Other clients solicit our services to evaluate and modify their internal programs. One of our recent clients requested our services to facilitate a prototype program that was stalled in execution. We were able to engage with the current “In-house” program team and with minimal disruption re-focus program goals and objectives to align with initial expectations. In this situation, some of the initial objectives required refinement to attain a successful result. Our team was able to successfully navigate and separate ego driven actions from business need activities for the client; ultimately yielding the stated program goals, while eliminating the inefficient and unrelated team actions.